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The Internet now represents 10% of advertising globally across all media. Growing at a rate between 15-20% a year, it will reach $106.6 billion in 2011. There is still a lot of experimentation underway as marketers seek the optimal mix of advertising types to reach their target audience. There is a revolution in social media with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine, but how do you tap into these networks and make them work for your company?

Reedcomm Entertainment has developed a new way for marketers to tap the internet using movie storytelling techniques to create digital branded content. This is a cut-through creative strategy for business to business marketing and a new way to encourage user-generated viral distribution. Geoffrey Reed is one of Australia’s top creative directors with over 30 years experience building brands. Partnering with his son Henry, a computer systems engineer and software designer, Reedcomm Entertainment now offers a unique new product for the digital age called BRAND STORIES™.

A hallmark of human nature is our insatiable desire for stories. They give us metaphors for living that define our very existence. Through stories told around the water-cooler, at the pub or told by the movies, we compare ourselves to others, sharing experiences and emotions. The power of the story drives our lives, amuses and entertains us and when they are great, we pass them along.

Today, the word of mouth effect is magnified by the ease and speed of digital communication. We can pass on a complete facsimile of a message in pictures, text or video to hundreds of our friends at the press of a button. In the digital age of social networking these people are called SNEEZERS. They have their own story to tell that reflects a particular attitude or lifestyle, to convey status, discernment, authority or expertise. In other words, as brand stories say something about the product or company, consumers’ stories say something about themselves.

The new holy grail for marketers is to have their product message go viral, but how do you actually make this happen? Traditional advertising agencies have been slow to adapt to the creative challenges thrown up by the new rules of social media. Many are discovering that to simply RESIZE their Television Ads does not engage with people let alone encourage sharing.

BRAND STORIES™ occupy a niche in between these two extremes. The true art in embracing a new medium is tailoring an idea to that medium. They are not like commercials or corporate videos, but literally a Mini-Movie with a beginning, middle and end. They work in the same way as product placement in a top movie or the way great publicists embed a brand into a good news story. The product has a natural, organic role and never upstages the story.

The irony of the internet age is that Brand Stories stand a greater chance of successful distribution because they are not overtly commercial. Everyone wants to create a brand engagement experience with their customers on the Web. Stories are the way to engage with consumers. And when they are smart and entertaining, they open a conversation that leads to intimacy. Great stories make us laugh or cry and it is this emotional response that moves people and motivates them to share with others. The critical factor is that the brand story must benefit the consumer to encourage their distribution and dissemination. When the brand and the consumer have a mutual interest and a shared involvement in the storytelling process, both parties win. Now we are part of a MOVEMENT.

Reedcomm diversified into filmed entertainment in 2007. We now work from the new Adelaide Studios at Glenside where our screenwriting skills create narrative driven screen content employing the art of dramatic writing used in movies.

BRAND STORIES™ are often human stories told in emotional terms involving the different genres of drama and comedy. For each client, Reedcomm develops a unique video story that is derived from the essence of the brand or the setting in which it is used. There is no media cost because each client distributes their video on line using a variety of different launch platforms.

Brand stories can be produced at any length to suit internet web-casting. A popular format is a story with a running time around 2-3 minutes, ideal for distribution via Youtube, Mobile, V-Mail or screening directly from a website. Shorter versions can also be created for television and cinema broadcast in heritage media.

Reedcomm is pioneering Australian brand stories with projects for CIBO Espresso, Gualo Closures, Northern Territory Tourism, Boileau, Adelaide United FC, and The Australian Wine Research Institute.

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